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New Products

The Ventur Evac is a new tool for evacuating tanks. Using the venturi effect, this tool uses the flow of product out of and back into the bobtail to create a suction effect to draw liquid out of a tank. We also offer a hose/fitting kit to complete the package.
  • Lightweight, highly portable, and easy to carry
  • Tank evacuations can now be done by delivery drivers, reducing labor costs
  • Immediately remedy tank overfills
  • Back check valves stuck closed can be remedied in seconds
MEGR222D.pngMEC Dialectric Second Stage Regulators
MEC has released a line of second stage regulators featuring a dielectrically isolated inlet. These regulators are available in both 11" and 2PSI versions, in straight and backmount configurations, and in both compact and full size models.
  • Features an integrated dielectric inlet connection designed to isolate upstream metallic piping from electrical current prior to entering the building
N5B.JPGNorgas Line Regulators
Norgas has released a series of indoor line regulators. These regulators are available in sizes from 1/2" to 2", and offer a unique elbow vent limiter, which allows for vertical installation of the regulator. We are currently stocking the 1/2" and 3/4" models, but others are available by special order.
  • 1/2" to 2" body size
  • Vent limiters available, including 90 deg vent limiter elbow adapters, for vertical installations
  • CSA certified 7" to 11" WC, at 2 PSI inlet pressure
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 15 PSI (CSA rating only applies for 2 PSI)
Memphis_FinalLogo1.pngMemphis Wood Fire Grills
Direct Flame or Convection grilling utilizing 100% renewable wood pellets as fuel.
  • What do you get when you combine the very best aspects of a high-end gas grill, a convection oven, a real wood fire, a smoker and a smartphone? A state-of-the-art Memphis Wood Fire Grill
MEC Pneumatic Airline
MEC now offers 1/4" pneumatic airline, in 100 foot coils. This airline is for use with actuator systems for internal and emergency shutoff valves, using compressed air, nitrogen, or LP vapor.

  • Specifically tested and approved by MEC for use with LP vapor systems
RigidTankSet.pngDispenser Rigid Skid Mount System
Our new rigid skid mount system is designed with dependability and versatility in mind. All components are powder coated white for the best weather resistance. The system features rigid square tube rails for maximum strength, available in both 20 ft and 5 ft lengths, for either complete tank skid mounting, or just pump and dispenser half-skid mounting. Available components include rigid "A" frame tank stands, and a sliding base for pump or dispenser mounting.

    FiregearFiregear L Series Outdoor Burner

    • Available in Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) and Match Throw(MT) System
    • Combine any two sizes end to end for a complete custom burner up to 72" long
    • Adjustable burner cradle flanges allow for varying thickness of top finishing materials (granite, marble, stone, tile, etc) ranging from 1/2" to 2-3/4" thickness
    • Installation cradle remains in place allowing it to be installed under the surface of the top finishing matieral without fear of warping, which can cause cracked top surface faces
    • Easy lift-out burner assembly for easy access to service as needed
    • Industry best clearances to combustibles
    • Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) includes On/Off/High/Low remote control
    • Stainless steel ignition components for greater reliability
    5520-01T.pngUpdated Gas Connection Box with Timer and Quick Connect

    Especially handy when used with portable cart grills, Fire Magic’s® handsome updated Gas Connection Box provides quick connect access to main home supplies of natural gas or propane. Housed in a sturdy 16-gauge stainless steel box with a 22-gauge cover, the connections are intuitive and the handy 1-hour timer makes sure the gas runs only as long as you want it to. Available now, the updated version replaces the old model and retains part # 5520-01T and weighs 5 lbs. Gas connection box dimensions are 8” wide x 7 ¼” high x 3” deep.