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We are available to conduct training on any of the products we distribute. The list of topics below are some of the popular classes we offer. Call today to schedule a training session.

  • Regulators An overview of the components, features of the regulator. Pressure limitations, relief valves operation, lockup, problems and troubleshooting systems. Discuss proper installation of the regulator and its rela􀆟onship with tank size and the piping system. 6 hours classroom.
  • Pipe Sizing How to size typical piping systems and the use of the slide charts from the manufacturers and the different pipe sizing charts that are found in NFPA Pamphlet 54. Discuss how this relates to regulators as a system. 2 hours classroom.
  • Leak and Pressure Testing An overview of the testing of piping systems as it relates to the requirements of NFPA Pamphlet 54, checking lockup, flow and the required testing for leaks in the piping system. 4 hours classroom.
  • Pumps and Pump Systems an overview of the pumping system. Included are the components and the features of the pump and liquid meters. Pressure limitations, relief valves operation, problems and the proper way to troubleshoot systems. Proper installation and maintenance of the pump and its piping system. 7 hours classroom.
  • CETP The CETP training and the proctoring of tests can be done with either paper versions or the electronic versions. For electronic versions, a computer and internet service would be required for each candidate. Classroom hours vary by course.
  • Counterstrike—CSST An overview of Counterstrike CSST piping systems, pressure limitations and bonding. 2 hours classroom.
  • Perfection and PE Piping Systems and Components an overview of the history of PE piping, from fusion to the Perfection mechanical Coupling. Included are pressure limitations and proper installation. 2 hours classroom.
  • CSR Basics A “Cliff note” version of CETP Basic Principles and Practices designed to give the CSR a basic understanding of propane and its characteristics, pressure and leak testing and what the serviceman encounters in the field. 4 hours classroom.
  • Gas Log and Gas Heater Basics an overview of Gas logs and gas heaters. Included is some information on valves and controls. Installations do’s and don’ts are also covered. 3 hours classroom.
  • Alternative Fuels (Mike Steward) An overview of the past to the present as to where we came from and what’s going on today in the alternative fuels market. This includes information on over the road vehicles as well as off road equipment such as mowers, floor buffers and lift truck equipment. 4 hours classroom.



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